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Speaking Engagement FAQ's

Michael C. Ruppert has delivered many lectures for various organizations and universities, including the University of California Los Angeles, University of Southern California, Portland State University and many more. The presentations are jam packed with information about current events.

They can be given in a classroom, lecture hall, or convention/hotel setting. Michael C. Ruppert has been the keynote speaker many times and has always been well received, and asked to come back.


Needs audio-visual equipment, including:

  • microsoft powerpoint compatible projection system.
  • Dry erase or chalk board
  • Lavalier Microphone - no cords/wires outside of those attached to clothing
  • No audio or video taping allowed without advance written permission
  • No home housing accepted
  • All airline tickets must be refundable

Deposit - a deposit of 50% of the presentation fee is due from Client at the time that the speaking engagement contract is finalized. The remaining 50% plus travel expenses as outlined below are due upon arrival at the engagement location, before the lecture begins.

Fees - For presentations inside California, Mr. Ruppert charges a fee of $2,500.00 plus all travel expenses. For presentations outside of California, Mr. Ruppert charges a fee of $2,500.00 plus all travel expenses. All fees are based on a 3-hour presentation plus 1 hour question and answer forum following the lecture.

Expenses - In addition to the fee, Client will reimburse Mr. Ruppert for expenses in conjunction with the presentation, including air fare, hotel, taxi, car rental, meals and parking.

Travel Arrangements - Unless otherwise arranged, you are responsible for all travel arrangements, including airfare, car rental and hotel accomodations. All airline tickets purchased must be REFUNDABLE.

Printed Material - we appreciate receiving any printed material on your organization prior to the engagement.

Changes - all changes to a contract must be made in writing.

Cancellation - all cancellation notices must be received in writing. If notice is received within thirty (30) days of engagement, full fee is required; if notice is received within thirty-one (31) to ninety (90) days of engagement, the deposit is retained; if notice is received prior to ninety (90) days of engagement, the entire deposit is returned to Client. Mr. Ruppert reserves the right to cancel any engagement at any time as a result of urgent breaking political developments. Cancellations initiated by FTW are eligible for full refund of deposit.

If you haven't done so yet, please have a look at Mr. Ruppert's Calender.

You may also direct inquiries to (818) 788-8791 Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm pst

To view our contract please click here.

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