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Civil Procedure I
University of Toledo School of Law
Klein, James M.

Subject Matter Jurisdiction:if yes go to JOPOT; otherwise no federal jurisdiction
Diversity 1332, 1335
1332 diversityrequires that all plaintiffs must have different citizenship than all defendants and an excess of $75,000 amount for federal SMJ.
ÿ liquidated
ÿ unliquidated
ÿ equity cases
ÿ aggregation
ÿ less than
ÿ “Legal certainty” of impossibility to recover the amount or have reasonable faith to dismiss
-Corporation test: bulk of assets, headq

ust contain a federal question. The well-pleaded complaint rule states that the federal question must be primary/pivotal in the plaintiff’s c/a. The federal law must be the source of the action or a st. claim must need the interpretation of a federal law. Here, _____