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Legal Writing
UMKC School of Law
Temm, Wanda M.

Federal Statutes
Using Code Indexes:
1.   Find General subject index
2.   list descriptive words to look up
3.   identify the jurisdiction (state of federal)
4.   Consult and update the Code Index using descriptive words
§        USCA: look at any and all interim pamphlet supplements to the general index published after the annual index
§        USCS: Consult the General Index Update Service…then the quarterly index…then the monthly supplement
§        USC: look in the index in the most recent annual supplement
5.   Read Code then Update
§        USCA: 
·        Pocket Part
·        Interim pamphlet supplement
§        USCS:
·        Pocket Part
·        Table of Code Sections Added, Amended, Repealed or Otherwise Affected in the most recent monthly USCS pamphlet

a.   MO Update
                                                            i.      Look in the pocket part to the index
                                                         ii.      Look at the subject index on Mo Leg Service supplement since the pocket part (EACH ONE)
b.   KS Update
                                                            i.      Same as above
4.   Look up statute
a.   MO Update
                                                            i.      Pocket Part
                                                         ii.      Table of statutes in MO Leg Service