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Property I
Rutgers University, Newark School of Law
Ball, Carlos A.

Prof. Carlos Ball
Fall 2015
Rutgers Law Newark

•           Real Property: land and everything attached to it
•           Recover the land: ejectment
•           Damage: Trespass
•           Personal Property: Everything else
•           Recover item: Replevin
•           Damage: Trover (an action for the recovery of the value of personal property wrongfully converted by another to his or her own use.)
•           Rights in property:
•           Possession
•           Use
•           Sell/Alienate (transfer)
•           Exclusion
•           Considerations when title to property is disputed:
•           Public Policy
•           Effort/cost expended
•           Safeguarding/demarcating
•           Intent- objective/subjective
•           Attempts to recover
•           Good faith
•           First in time
I. Acquiring property/Possession
•           Acquiring un-owned property:
•           Labor Theory of Acquisition of property (Locke)
•           If you improve or “mix your labor” with an un-owned property it becomes yours
•           Added value
•           Mere pursuit of property insufficient
•           Capture should be inevitable (i.e. mortally wounded hunted animal)
•           Discovery/Finders Law:
•           First in time
•           “Finders keepers”
•           Finders of abandoned property have best title beside true owner
•           Finders of property have right of possession- Owner->Finder->Buyer
•           Right of possession may be sold
•           True owner retains right to replevin chattel because they retain title
•           Good faith third party purchaser has cause of action against the finder for the difference of what they paid and what they should have paid the finder if they paid value of full title instead of value of possession
•           If property is given, Owner->Bailor->Buyer, then Owner does not retain right to replevin from buyer (title and not merely right of possession is transferred)
•           We want to encourage him to be more careful of lending/giving his property out to ganuvim
•           Finders of chattels on private (or private but open to public) property: Finder vs. Locus Owner
•           Lost Property: Involuntary separation between owner and chattel
•           Finder has better claim
•           Mislaid property: Voluntary separation between owner and

ion to situations where a person has no hands-on custody of an object           
• Exists where a person has knowledge of an objectplus the ability to control the object, even if the person has no physical contact with it
•           Custom
•           May be used in certain circumstances when a specific chattel is subject to customary forms of acquisition
•           i.e. a baseball being caught in the stands, whale washing up with a particular harpoon mark and the common practice is cto return it to the harpooner
•           Creation
•           Statutory protection:
•           Patents: protect products
•           Trademark: symbols
•           Copyright: expressions
•           Court requires a “modicum of creativity”
•           Not simply “sweat of the brow” (doctrine)
•           Facts cannot be protected (like the compilation of telephone numbers)
•           Compilation of facts however can be… w/modicum of creativity
•           Common Law Protection: