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New Jersey Practice
Rutgers University, Newark School of Law
Rothman, Andrew James

New Jersey Practice Outline
New Jersey has a completely unified system in the Superior Courts. The rules of Part IV in conjunction with the rules of Part I (general application) given the practice and procedure of civil actions in the Superior Court, Law and Chancery Divisions, and, except as otherwise provided in Parts VI and PART VIII, the Surrogate’s Courts and the Tax Court. R. 4:1.
There is no longer any distinction between actions at law and suits in equity, but distinctions between legal and equitable remedies

NJ’s highest court; Composed of CJ and 6 other justices
Appellate Division
reviews decisions of trial, tax, and municipal courts
Law Division                                                   Chancery Division
General Civil   Criminal                       General Equity             Probate                        Family
Small Claims    Special Civil Part