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Environmental Law
Elon University School of Law
Fruth, Darrell A.

Environmental Law
Doctrine and Class Notes
The Rise of Federal Statutory Environmental Regulation
Common Law Roots: Public and Private Nuisance
                                                              i.      Madison v. Ducktown Sulphur, Copper & Iron Co., 113. Tenn. 33 (1904) [CB: 64] 1.      Facts: TN company near the GA-TN boder, runs a copper-smelting operation; burning open-air piles of ore which produces harmful sulphur smoke.
2.      Issue: What can the law do to address this situation?
3.      Potential Solutions:
a.       Close the Factory:

were on the land first, their health/property is being harmed.
2.      Property Rights: protect use and enjoyment; allow farmers to stay on their land.
                                                                                                                                    ii.      Con: Economics [Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)] 1.      $2 million (value of copper smelting operation) vs.