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Missed Call on Noriega

[From the January 31, 2001 issue of From The Wilderness ]

FTW has been following the dynamics of the drug trade as it interfaces with political campaigns - and contributions - almost from our first issue. In April 2000 we described in detail the Democratic Party's Presidential Drug Money Pipeline and in subsequent issues we described a clear cut alliance between the Clinton-Gore administration and certain drug factions, especially those with less than friendly feelings for George Bush. That would apply especially to the Medellin Cartel which George Bush systematically began eliminating at the end of the Contra war. Among that group also was Gen. Manuel Noriega, a key

Medellin player sentenced to 40 years in 1990 after George Bush proved his manhood and tested some new weapons by invading Panama

As AP reported in March 1999 we were not alone in believing that, absent a release ordered by the courts, Bill Clinton would pardon Noriega before leaving office. On March 21, 2000 Reuters reported that former President Bush was afraid for his life if Noriega was released ahead of schedule. And as late as mid-December we were hearing from sources close to Noriega that a pardon was on the table.

But it was not to be. Nor was it to be for Leonard Peltier, the Indian activist politically imprisoned for the slaying of two FBI Agents at Wounded Knee in the 1970s. We wonder what Clinton got in return for the trades.

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