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FTW SUBSCRIBER BULLETIN 01-11 -- Salon Magazine Exposes CIA Tactics To Destroy Independent Journalists, Funded by the Rich and Powerful. It's Literally a Circus.

FTW - In a two-part series dated August 30 and 31, writer Jeff Stein exposes the subtle and insidious lengths that the rich will go to in order to destroy writers who pull their covers. In one case, the Ringling Bros. Circus pulled all the stops by hiring retired CIA Deputy Director of Operations Clair George -- a convicted felon from Iran-Contra -- to manipulate, harass and control one dedicated journalist. You will be surprised at how subtle these "pages out of the CIA playbook" are as applied to the suppression of free speech.

To all FTW subscribers I can tell you that over 23 years I have experienced these machinations personally. I can also tell you that - if you read nothing else this year - you must read this incredible and courageous piece by Stein. Get some popcorn because it's a genuine page-turner. Though he only suggests the deeper connections between the circus and CIA, Stein has produced a groundbreaking and utterly compelling article which should have ramifications for years to come. It is certainly a "teaching piece" for all credible journalists who have wondered why they just can't seem to get some projects off the ground.

As Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D), GA, bravely presents documentation on the government's COINTELPRO operations to the UN Conference on Racism in Durbin South Africa, this whole new arena of CIA dirty tricks merits the widest possible exposure in the remnants of a "free society."

Mike Ruppert


"From The Wilderness"

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