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In October of 1981 I sat in the basement of the West Wing of the White House and said, "The CIA is complicit in bringing drugs into this country and it is wrong." I made that statement to Craig L. Fuller, then Assistant to President Ronald Reagan for Cabinet Affairs.

Craig had been my closest friend through four years at UCLA. He had been chosen to intern for Governor Reagan at the same time that I was chosen to intern for LAPD Chief Ed Davis. We had lost touch over the years but I reconnected with Craig after the L.A. Times announced he had been appointed to a high position within the new Reagan Presidency. The letter, which follows, was what he wrote to me - I think before he knew what I had been doing for the last three years.

What did Craig say when I made the statement? Nothing. He didn't move. He didn't seem to breathe until I changed the subject. The only thing I noticed after my visit was that George Bush asked Craig to serve as his Chief of Staff during the second Reagan term - the years of Ian-Contra. What I said to myself as I left the White House was, "Where do I go now?"

The original of this letter was burglarized from my residence less than a month after I confronted John Deutch, coincidentally on the same day that an investigator from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence called and asked if I had it. The LAPD burglary case is still open and they found fingerprints, other than my own, on the binder which held the letter. To date they have not run a match through the fingerprint supercomputer. I wonder why?

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