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The real CIA secrets of the Bowers Shootdown -- As told by a veteran covert warrior who has testified before Congress -- Explanations that make sense about the missionaries' silence.  

[From the May 31 issue of From the Wilderness. © 2001 Michael C. Ruppert and from The Wilderness Publications].

Anger & Leaks Over Bowers Shootdown Fiasco

A veteran covert warrior with longstanding ties to the CIA has offered the following observations on the April 19 shootdown of a plane carrying Baptist missionaries resulting in the death of Veronica Bowers and her adopted daughter in Peru. Many sources have told FTW that the shootdown was a colossal screw-up.

[1] Most of the missionary groups operating all over the "Llanos" [prairies or plains in Spanish] area on the Amazon side of the Andes Mountains are false flag recruited assets of the intelligence community,

[2] One of the persons aboard the Cessna floatplane was a CIA contract agent, and he is not a happy camper! The Baptists and all of the operating missionary groups have been approached by "cut-outs" who are offering large donations of funds and equipment to their organizations on the condition that nobody files any lawsuits concerning the shootdown. That is the carrot - - the stick is that they all are being told that further operations by ANY and ALL religious organizations may very well face great restrictions or complete prohibition on their respective activities in four South American countries - - that is: If they cause any legal problems over the shootdown.

[3] The recruiting [of US military personnel to fight in Colombia] is very heavy here in [deleted] and they are not just targeting the short-timers, but instead are offering the S.O.P. "Sheepdipping" into select Reserve and National Guard units that have been used for many years to insure that rank, pay, benefits and retirement from career military service is guaranteed.
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