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HOW TO TELL IF A PROPOSED LAW IS REAL AND WHAT ITS STATUS IS --There is an easy way to track critical legislation through Congress.  For information on legislation before the House or Senate, go to http://thomas.loc.gov. There is an input box by "bill number" and another optional box where a word or phrase can be entered. Just by using appropriate key words you stand a very good chance of finding the bill you're looking for. From there you can see exactly what its history is.

The "loc" in the address means "library of congress". For all the gullible ones who have been sucked in by the disinformation campaign around the fictitious NESARA, start here. If it's not listed, it doesn't exist.



One of the keys to fighting the system is finding ways to stop feeding the financial and economic system that enslaves Americans and people in the industrialized world. In one sense this involves finding legal ways to operate on a personal level, in many of the same ways that big banks and the federal government operate on the systemic level, that do not cause the same kinds of harm. One of the problems faced by activists and researchers trying to change the political system is that many people who might otherwise be open to information are so absorbed in the daily grind of economic survival and paying bills that they have little energy or resources available for study, activism or political work.

The only way to beat the financial edge held by major corporations, banks and government is to disengage from economic and medical slavery. Some of the strategies offered involve breaking free from debt-based enslavement, a corporatized medical/health care system, and protecting one's assets from a system that makes money by destroying life rather than improving it. As the impacts of Peak Oil become more apparent and unavoidable, individual survival – and the survival of one's family – will be based in part upon one's ability to operate outside an artificially imposed system which limits personal freedom and choice.

After extensive research, FTW can recommend the following site for more information and education on ways to increase personal options in an uncertain climate. This site is a commercial venture which charges for its services, and rightly so. The information they provide has been accumulated at great expense and the services they provide are, in our opinion, well worth the investment in expanding one's consciousness and personal options.

FTW's endorsement has never been for “hire” to anyone. That is why FTW does not accept paid advertisers. We wouldn't be bringing this information to you unless we believed in its global importance and had checked it out for ourselves.

A really great resource.

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